Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm Back

Well my blah day turned into a blah week which turned into a whole MONTH!!! I have not blogged in a month well no cool excuse. I have just been blah but I am shaking it off. I am getting back to the gym. Kastan's basketball season is over so that frees up 2 nights a week. Work is still crazy busy. With the horrible economy we say overworked at Social Services. There has just been sad story after sad story and my heart breaks everyday!

I will be making my rounds to all my bloggy friends to let them know I am alive and well. Espically TOOJ who has been by a couple of times!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blah Day

Today was just one of those blah days. I was just not in a good mood all day long. I hate these days because I spend all day feeling sorry and picking apart my life. It is not healthy, at all. I caught myself about mid-day and just made myslef shake it off. It worked, I really did get a hold of my emotions and ended up having an alright evening.

I don't like down days, at all. Wasted time and wasted emotions. It is a huge step for me to recognize it and change it instead of letting one blah day run into another and another and another.

On a good night, it was Math Game Night at Kastan's school so him and I headed over to play some board games before his basketball game. It was fun and surprising that we actually played true board games. I didn't think they made those anymore but they do.

Then we went to Kastan's basketball game. The team did good and worked well together. I love at this age it is truely about having fun and they are not super competitive. Kye made a couple of friends and sat on the side line pretending to read books with his new friends.

So that is it a recap of my blah-day-turned-good-evening!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another Kyeism

Well my little one is really in that funny stage, you know the one where they say the craziest things. Here is his latest.

This weekend I got him a sausage biscuit but he didn't eat it. Kastan wanted the sausage so I gave it to him. Well Mr. Kye comes in later and looks at his biscuit and said "Mom where is my black chicken?" Cracked me up!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The United States of America makes me proud, gives me hope, inspires me, reassures me, comforts me and gives me reason to believe.

I am so proud of the growth of our great nation in breaking through the racial barriers and electing the first African American as President.

I am so hopeful that the days to come will bring successes to individuals, families, companies and our country as a whole.

I am inspired to take on the challenge of improving our country starting with my own community.

I am reassured that we as a country can live, work and interact together regardless of race, religion or sex.

I am comforted by the fact that our president is a wise leader.

I have reason to believe that anyone can achieve their dreams.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thank You uh I think!

Is this a compliment in your book?

"Mommy, thank you for stop getting on my nerbes"

How would you respond?

I will tell you what I did, I let my heart melt because this statement was given with a big giant squeeze me so hard hug.

Caught in the act!

I have a complaint, surprise surprise. This one is involving my dishwasher. The dishwasher is loud, really loud. I swear it sounds like two midgets in there mud wrestling every time. Not to mention the cycle is sooooooo long but that is about the only complaint I have so I deal with it.

Until recently, I have noticed that the silverware is not getting clean. What was weird is that I ever really caught it until I would get it out of the drawer. It was driving me crazy that I didn't notice as I put them away from the dishwasher.

Well of course I should of never doubted my sanity, I should of remained confident in my perfection. The culprit to this delimma was my sweet, cute little skinny legs.......Kye! Now to his defense he has been stepping up his helping mommy out game. After he eats he has been taking great pride in tossing (literally) his dish in the sink. It does make me a little nervous watching him carefully balance his dish as he walks to the sink. I do cringe when I hear the sound of the dish crashing into the sink but hey he is proud to be a big boy.

What I wasn't seeing or hearing was the little booger putting his silverware back into the drawer. Pretty gross! This has been happening for a while, at least a month. I know there has to be a couple that slid past me. I just wonder who was the lucky recipient of the Kye-surprise???

Saturday, January 17, 2009

And this is why video games are good!

We are a family of gamers, no getting around it. I play simple mindless games on POGO. Keith and Kastan plays online games like Warhammer. In order to be successful in the games that Kastan plays you have to be able to read and type. Not an issue for my little brainiac, he hangs right in there. We have always thought he was pretty good with it and ow we have proof.

Kastan's school uses PAWS typing software during one of their computer resource class. The whole school has been doing it and out of every 2nd-5th grader in the school Kastan was the 3rd person to finish. I relate this directly to his typing for the game.

What do you think a real coorelation or just the perfect excuse to keep doing what we love?