Wednesday, September 10, 2008

School Days

Kye and Mommy survived the first couple of days of school. It was pretty hard on Mommy seeing her baby go to school but I am not going to make this important time about me, Kye is the star here. He is doing really well because let's face it Kye is a Mama's Boy (which I love so much). He is fitting in well with his class though. He plays with the other kids and LOVES the projects. Everytime I pick him up he yells I got a present for you and grabs his projects out of his cubby.

The first day of school I had to go to work first and Keith dropped him off. I asked him to take pictures and this is all I got.

Here is a picture of Kastan on his first day of school, I don't think I really did a very good job either but well it is funner to point out Keith's attempts at photographing our kids lives.


Amy said...

They are sweet! I think the first days of school are harder on mom then on the kids!

Lauren said...

Way to go, Kye!

Jen said...