Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I was not born a soccer mom

Really, I wasn't. At one time I was a cool, party girl that cared about fashion, fun and girly things. I miss that girl, I let to much of her fall to the waste side. I get so wrapped up in getting through the days at an exhausted rate. I rush to get by doing the minimum and it shows in my appearance. The funny thing is I put so much of me aside and I say it is for motherhood but the truth is I slack in that also. We eat out way too much, they watch way too many cartoons, my house is way too messy, I am unorganized, I mismanage money. I am in a funk and I need to get out of it. I hate the way I look, I mean really hate it. I cringe at pictures of myself and want to delete them. This is not me, I promise to quit making it me. I want to love my body, my hair and my clothes. I want to organize my life, home and self. I want to be happy and the way I see it, I'm currently exhausted now with nothing completed to a good standard so why not stay exhausted for a better, happier me.


Dena said...

aw girlie, I feel the same way. It's hard being a mom.. It takes so much out of you... Hang in there, and just try to focus on you as hard as it can be.

Tricia said...

I had this day last week. Just the fact that you're thinking about wanting to make changes to feel better means you can do it!