Saturday, June 28, 2008

Not That Mom

The one thing I hate about any group situations in the forming of cliques and the judging of others. I mean it starts in school, moves on to work and other group settings but the biggest arena for judgement is motherhood. I swear there are so many groups, labels and parenting styles and all of them think they are the best and leave little room for accepting others outside their realm. I think I am very good at understanding that most mothers want nothing but the absolute best for their children. The way they provide it is their way and who am I to judge. Once I realized this I was also able to accept my mothering style and quit trying to live up to others standards. I am only one person I can only manage so much. I am ok knowing that I will never be that mother that loves to spend my weekends with sport activities. I mean Kastan has played, soccer, football and basketball and soon wants to enroll in Karate. I think it is great and all but we only do one sport at a time, we are there to have fun and it doesn't have to be a complete family affair. I am ok with that, my kids are ok with that, all is well in the end. I am big on manners, my kids always say please, thank you, excuse me and address adults with a title. This is my thing although I think it is important doesn't mean that if other parents let their kids call me Anji I should judge, that is their way.
I saw this mom with 3 young children in line at Wal-mart the other day and her baby was crying the whole time. She had a rambuncious preschooler and a school aged child that needed to go to the restroom right then and of course for whatever reason her credit card was not working. I could just see the stress in her face and wanted to give her a hug. She turned around red-faced and said I'm so sorry. I replied It's ok I have kids I totally understand, thinking to myself I have been that mom! I stayed in line behind her even though another lane opened because I didn't want some impatient person standing behind her adding to the stress. I talked to her kids and felt like I made that part of her trip just a little bit better. Shouldn't we always try to do this for each other?

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Amy said...

Yes, we should try to do this for others! We live in such an 'independent' society that we have forgotten what it is like to be neighborly! As the mom of five children (number six due in February) I know what these days are like. Thank you for your thoughts!