Saturday, October 18, 2008

Birthday Plans

I am so behind the power curve with Kastan's birthday. It is next Sunday and I haven't really made plans for it. I am bad about this inviting friends over thing. We are new to the neighborhood and haven't really made friends. We only have grandparents in the area so no cousins to invite. I have been known in the past to completely go out of my way and have huge birthday parties for him but now I am not to sure that bigger always means better. I don't knnow maybe just a couple of friends and then they can go to a movie and we will do cake and ice cream at the house.

As far as presents I have no clue what to get the kid. He has sooooo much stuff. I did buy a bunch of books because he is so into reading. I can't think of a big present he has a WII, a PSP and a Play Station 3 so I know it won't be a game system. I just don't know but I need to get on the ball, any suggestions???

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Tasheana said...

I am in the same boat with my Ayden's 1st birthday. At this age he seems to play with everything EXCEPT for his toys. Does he he have any outdoor toys?