Monday, October 13, 2008

Surprise Surprise

HA HA ladies and Gentleman I have an announcement to make that might shock you...... Are you ready....... this is big......... I am...........starting a new diet. I am really over it, over it I say. I have started half ass exercising so I plan to kick that up a notch and then I am starting weight watchers tomorrow. I can't commit to the $$$$ so I am going to leach off my supervisor at work that is going to the meetings and buying all the books and tools. I went shopping for healthy food, I am taking my lunch to work and I am really using my spare hour in the evenings to exercise before I pick up the kiddos from daycare. I owe it to them and myself to be a better me.

I already know what your saying, you have heard this all before but really I feel good about this one. I feel ready to commit, I feel I have exhausted all of my excuses. Everything I complained about before like time, location and kids has fixed itself and offered the oppurtunity for me to get off my butt on into the gym.

I will post progress pictures as we go along so you guys can encourage me to keep up the good work because I am sure this time it will be something to comment on.