Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Real Life Beautiful People

There are some jobs certain people shouldn't have. The first time I was convinced of this was Right after I delivered Kye. The follow up doctor looked like he just finished his photo shoot for GQ to come and push on my squishy belly to see if all was well. I was so humiliated that anyone had to feel around on the jelly roll that was my stomach let alone this fine specimen of a man. He should not of been accepted to med school based on looks.

The next experience was my chiropractor. He looked like a total jet setter in his Armani suit. His partner was this 300 year old dinosaur. When I was sitting in the waiting room I was praying for the dinosaur to call me name. No such luck, Mr Cool-Body called me back. I hobbled on back to tell him of my issues of barely being able to stand up since I had Kye. This was about 6 months after he was born so my above mentioned jelly belly was only a tad bit better. He should not of been allowed to have that job based on his looks and style.

Just today it happened again. I have an abscessed tooth, which I was able to diagnose based on my Internet research. I go to the dentist to get a second opinion and in walks in Dr. Mcdreamy, ok not the Mcdreamy but close enough. I felt so cool discussing infection and swelling of my jaw, nice. Hmmm just confirms that beautiful people belong on TV and not in my life.

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Lauren said...

LOL, you need to start seeing some women doctors--problem solved!