Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Money Suckers

I would like to preface this with I wasn't always a cheapskate. I have turned into one with motherhood. My kids are killing the wallet. I am not talking about food, clothes, daycare or shelter expenses. I am talking about all these extra's that kids do these days.

Because I work fulltime at the crappiest place in the world I have to put Kye in fulltime daycare and Kastan goes to before and after school care. This is a pocket book killer but on top of that they offer a bunch of additional classes the kids can go to. Of course the first class is free so that they can tell you how much they love it and how good it would be for them to go and even how all the other kids in the class are doing it.

Well great lady that will be an excellent time for you to have one on one time with Kye! I am sure he will love that also.

Not only that the parties they want treats for, the fund raisers and even the pumpkin patch that came to them. Do you know how hard it is to come up with $6.00 on a Monday morning? I paid with 5 one dollar bills and 4 quaters for Kye to pick out the littlest pumpkin in the world.

Kastan has joined this bowling group that he goes to on Mondays. I was able to remember to give him a check for it. They take them directly from school and then you just pick them up at the bowling alley. What a sweet deal except the first day I forgot about it and realized 10 mins before I had to get him where he was. Whew, made it in time but I did feel like I should be awarded the bad Mommy award because I forgot my son.

I did get him in time though and asked him how he was and he said good but next time can I have 5 bucks, they have the best fries and I was starving. So yes I was that mom that sent her son with no moola. I felt like crap, I forgot him and also forgot he eats. There is always next week for improvement.

I am sure the little money sucker will not let me forget next week!


Tasheana said...

Don't feel bad about forgetting him. I am sure i'll do the exact same thing...moms are just too busy sometimes, we can't keep up with everything right? Next year starts the money sucking for us...i am starting school for nursing and don't know where to send the boys.

Amy said...

Yeah the Tooth Fairy had to pay with rolled pennies here once because I just was not thinking ahead!!!!!