Sunday, October 26, 2008

Boys are loud!!!

For Kastan's eigth b-day we didn't do a huge party but we had him invite some friends over to hang out and go bowling. So let me tell you we had a 10 year old 2 eight year olds, a seven year old and of course a crazy 3 year old in the house. It was LOUD, I mean really loud. It really sounded like we had a stadium full of drunk people crammed into this house. I tried to just chill and let them be boys but man was it hard. Boys are rough, Kastan kept yelling out lets have a bar fight, nice right? I don't even know how he knows what a bar fight is but he was all about all of them wrestling around, so not a girls idea of fun!

It was one of his friends first time visiting and he was the cutest sweetest little boy ever and they locked him in the closet. First of all my sweet little angel boy had a part in this, I was shocked but yes he was right there with them. ANIMALS I say!

The part of the day I was most impressed with is Keith took them all bowling and survived. They all had a good time, ate a lot of junk and didn't destroy the place. Here is a couple of pictures for your viewing pleasure.

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