Sunday, October 26, 2008

Melt Down

OMG I was totally that mother with the kid having a major melt down at the store. Kye was such a brat, screaming and crying, yelling no in my face and just making me want to shake him. Every person in the store knew we were there.

I know many people say well just leave the store and teach them a lesson. Problem is we were there with his brother who was spending his birthday money. No way was I punishing the birthday boy because his brother was taken over by evil aliens.

So we continued to walk through the store with the evil alien in the cart as if we didn't even know he was there. Kastan picked out a Betta fish. He is such a little tight wad with his money. He said "You know Mom they will sell you a fish for $2 but then they get you because you have to buy the bowl, the pebbles and then the food that goes with it, by the time you finish you spent 20 bucks."

So we get all the other stuff that you need for this new addtion to our family and stand in line. Kye is STILL not listening, crying and yelling. Kastan is trying to come up with a name for this fish so he is saying maybe Pebbles, what about that?

I feel like I am stuck in a bad sit-com. I really hate my life at this point, I feel like every single person is staring at me. I am so close to yelling out if you staring people can do better feel free to take him. For everyone else please quit staring as if you have never heard a kid being taken over by evil spirits. Really the coughing and head spinning is for dramatics, get over yourself.

I calmly make it through the line and I take out Kye'e beloved toy that he got out of a quarter machine and began the talk with kye. I tell him how he didn't listen, he cried and was not a good boy so now Mommy is throwing away his toy because only boys that behave well get toys. We walk to the trash can and in it goes. Let me say the dramatics really started. The kid tried his best to make his self throw up but that skill fades with age I think so he was unsuccessful.

I had to throw away Kastan's toy once when he was about this age and he had the same reaction but I only had to throw away one. I am hoping that is the case with Kye because really I don't like to torture my kids. I love the fun times and smiles for us all, really I do but I can't take meltdowns past the age of 3.

I know at 3 they know what they are doing and can control themself and they probably know before this but I am not usually up for the emotional battle then so they do get away with more. Not now Mommy laid down the law, she threw away a toy.


Mom on the Run said...

I feel your pain! You are right 3 is a tough age. My kids were relative angels at 2, by 3 they were awful. Two of my children were quite tall and solid and I had a hard time moving them once they got out of control. I have had to drag a child out of a room by a foot before. My son is 5 and still "digs his heels in" over issues. He is the youngest and has been a little overindulged by me...I am paying the price now. Oh well, everything is a phase.

SMAGS said...

i threw away a very nice sippy cup just a couple of weeks ago - i've not been hit by a cup once since then...hope this eases the pain :)