Tuesday, October 28, 2008

They're Back

Let me just start this by saying I think Kye has a shoe fetish. He has always loved, loved shoes. When we are at stores I have to steer away from the shoe area. If he sees them he seriously has to try them on. He will then throw a fit to have a new pair. When we go visit his cousin Taylor he would try her shoes on. He has walked around in my heels. He is just a die hard shoe fan.

The year before last he absolutely had to have a yucky, ugly, gawddy pair of Thomas the Train snow boots. The broke all of my rules, they were character, they had velcro and they were hideous. He loved them though, would wear them all the time. I did convince him they were play boots and he could't wear them out of the house. He still squeezed his feet in them last year. I finally got rid of them this summer.

Guess what we saw tonight at Wal-Mart? Yep those horrendous boots, He was so excited I couldn't say no. He now has a pair that fits him again. He loves them, he has been wearing them since we got home. He posed for some pictures so I am going to share with you the lovely boots!


Dena said...

LOL, he's SO cute with his lil shoe fetish. Cracks me up...

SMAGS said...

i have those rules about chracter/velcro/ugly boots too! But just look at that smile! There's no way your rules can compete with that! he's so adorable! - SMAGS...i've lost my google passwords...lol