Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bitter Booties

With my family here I have been doing a lot of shopping, I mean a lot. I just seem to be getting the most rude and bitter sales people. I don't understand it. It seems like in our economy evey shopper and purchaser would be appreciated. I know it is the holiday season and things can get crazy but still. The way people are losing their jobs, having their hours cut, wouldn't a little customer service be helpful.

I was at Macy's yesterday and 3 different sales people in 3 different departments were just miserable and wanted to ensure everyone around them was also. The first lady was in the shoe department. She was put off when I asked her to get a certain pair of shoes for me to try. She actually walked over to a couple of other customers and said do you want me to get you anything since I have to go back. I guess my one pair of shoes wasn't worth the time or effort.

The next was at the jewelry counter, she really did not want to be there or want me there either. Asking to look at more than one piece was really a pain in her side. I mean I do understand that at the time I was the only customer so she could of been aimlessly watching the world pass if I wasn't there but still I did need to make a decision and a purchase!

The final lady was in customer SERVICE! She was in charge of the gift boxes and gift wrapping and wasn't afraid to let everyone know. I swear it was like a scene from a sitcom. She asked my sister how many items for gift wrapping and before she even got the answer out the lady snaps 4 is the limit. Then she asked how many boxes and you can imagine how that conversation went........downhill fast. My sister is 6 months pregnant and so not in the mood to play gift box derby. It was funny. I sat and watched this lady for a good 20 mins as we waited for the gift wrapping to be done and she was like this to every person that came in, even fellow employees.

I will say the two people at the sunglass counter was so helpful and full of the holiday spirit. They went out of there way to help an indecisive shopper (that would be me) and just full of spunk. Instead of one bad apple spoiling the bunch these two gave me hope that some where out there customer service is alive!

How has your shopping gone this season?


Jenners said...

I try to buy everything online for EXACTLY this reason. I can't blame them though...I wouldn't want to be in retail this time of year either. But at the minimum I expect them to do their job...they don't have to be perky and funny and happy but basic competence is a requirement.

Joanne said...

Ahhhhh, this brings back memories of when I worked retail during this time of the year. I did always try to maintain my cheeriness even if I wasn't feeling it because it really doesn't help anyone to be sullen or down right mean. I swore off retail after surviving three Black Fridays and Christmas seasons. I have only come across really nice, but slow moving cashiers...which if you are really nice then I will let it slide that I could've packed up my shopping cart 3 times over by the time they packed it once.

Tooj said...


Nina said...

Oh I hate those grumpy sales people. They can ruin everything. I have to say my holiday shopping has been really good. Yesterday the girl at Children's Place even honored my 15% off coupon that I had left at home. I did have a grumpy delivery person who spouted rules about time frames. Horible customer service.