Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Found something new and exciting......

So ...........I always aim to please, this is true in my real life and my blog world. I have discovered something so new and fresh and really exciting. A cool way to pimp your blog, meet and keep up with friends. You really have to check it out, it is TWITTER.


I am behind the power curve here?

Everyone that is


is already on


Your Kidding Right??? Ok.......ok........I know it is not new..........I have heard about it for a while now from my friend Jodi. She has mentioned it a time or two.

I just never checked it out until today, well actually a few minutes ago and I must say it is easy enough I am catching on. I likey this Twitter thing!

I am excited because now those giveaways that give extra entries for tweeting, I can do. I fore see this as a way to many happy winnings! I can now tweet away, look out giveaways here I come.

If you want to be tweet buddy's, friends, pals (still learning the lingo) just follow me here My Twitter!!!!

PS......Is it completely obvious I took today's hint from SITS to heart and worked it out!!!!! Look at me now SITS!!!!


AmberP said...

Wooooooooohoooooooooooo! Going to have to go and check it out :) I am behind the times too ;)

Jess said...

AWESOME, I just asked Jodi what that was. Off to go play with my twitter ;)

Sorry I had to! lol

jodifur said...

I sense the sarcasm with the time or two comment. GET ON TWITTER PEOPLE!