Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Hits and Misses

So I know I am really late talking about our holiday but I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. We sure did. Oue holiday was filled with plenty of hits and a couple of misses.

Let's start with breakfast, we do a huge breakfast/brunch. I started this tradition early on because it is the one meal I feel confident in cooking and it is easy to feed a bunch of people. So my breakfast is the place to be for my in-laws. The hit of my breakfast was the French Toast Casserole I tried this year, it was yummy and ennjoyed by all. The miss would have to be the biscuits. I don't think there was anything wrong with them because honestly all I had to do was open the can of Grands and bake. I just think that there was so many other things no one want to fill up on them.

Moving on to presents, the major hit for me was the Wii Fit. I love this thing and have dubbed myself the step aerobics queen. Even Kye the 3 year old got in on playing, he was pretty good at the head butting soccer game. Kye loved his Fisher-Price Smart Cycle, really loved it. As in played for hours on the thing. Kastan hit the jackpot, he loved his Flip Camera and his desk that we set up the old PC for him. Keith looked hot in his shades.

Misses in the gift category would be Kastan's MP3 player and that is only because I can be a technotard and do not know how to get music on it. I thought the trick was an ITunes giftcard, well guess what that is for IPODS not his MP3 player. I am working on this and hope to get things worked out and get some jammie-jams for my little man.

The other miss was the cologne for Keith, it was just not delivered. I paid for 2 day shipping that gauranteed delivery by Christmas. No such luck. FedEx let me down on this one. They decided my address was wrong and didn't bring it to me. I called them, they repeated the address. I informed they in fact had the right address so they said they would deliver on Friday. Friday I get a call from FedEx asking for a good address because mine was wrong. I again let them know they had the correct address, they asked for directions and even laughed about how easy it was. They still did not deliver it Friday, when I called they said.......yup you guessed it, my address was wrong. I thought I was on candid phone. I asked them how this was such an issue because UPS had no problem the week before. We ended up getting it today, only 5 days after it was promised.

I contacted Macy's to ask about a refund on the shipping and their current response is that it doesn't meet the criteria for a refund because I provided a bad address. We are corresponding through email because getting a human on the phone is pretty much impossible. I wrote them back and told them that I did in fact give a correct address, the one that they deliver a bill to every month with no problems. I explained to them that it was not my problem they chose a delivery service with limited direction following ability. I am waiting to hear back from them!

With our few little misses I must say it was a great holiday and I enjoyed the day with my favorite K's!!!


Tooj said...

LOL Good luck with the Macys/Fedex issue. I'm sorry I was laughing....I'm sure he could have used that cologne LONG before it arrived. Not that your husband stinks....nevermind. LOL

Mom on the Run said...

Hello...the customer is always right. Sure fire way to get on a customer's last nerve is to blame them for something like an address. Sounds like FedEx should have investigated the address issue earlier than they did.

I wondered about the Smart Cycle. My son is now 5 and would be too big for it. he loved his Star Wars Millenium Falcon ship and wooden castle. My daughters loved Mario Cart and Animal Crossing.

Yaya said...

That sucks you didn't get everything! Luckily my hubby's birthday is 2 weeks after Christmas, so whatever comes late turns into a birthday gift!

I want Wii fit soooooo bad!

kiyul said...

Oh my ! they should act really fast or they're going to loose one customer lol

Corey~living and loving said...

oh my.....that mess with Fedex would have me all worked up. how frustrating.

Glad your Christmas was lovely despite the late gift! Have a good day!

The Blonde Duck said...

I'll take the biscuits! And some of that casserole! Yum!