Wednesday, December 31, 2008


New Years Eve holds a lot of good memories for me. One year my sister and I went spent it on 6th Street partying in Austin Texas, I had a blast partying it up in Hawaii for 1999/2000. One year my mom came down to visit my sister and I in North Carolina and we went for drinks as grown ups. Another time I spent it in Kansas City but couldn't stay up late because I was flying to meet my husband in Germany after being seperated for 6 months because of the war. I just have really good memories of New Years Eve!!

This year we didn't really make plans. A couple of people were having parties, some were going to the beach to party. We just didn't commit to anything and guess what today is New Years real plans................which means no babysitter.

We decided to just have a fun night at home with our boys and a couple of friends. Were gonna partake in some adult beverages and rock out with Rock Band!!!! Sounds like a safe fun evening.

Whatever you do tonight please be safe!!! Enjoy yourself and make some great memories..............I want to hear all about them!!!


Letti said...

I am still not sure what I am doing either. But I am not to worried about it either satying at home doing nothing sounds nice too. I hope you have fun tonight and Have a Happy New Year!

Tooj said...

I hope you had fun having a mellow NY. It's all we ever do...and I find it relaxing. :) Happy new year!