Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Do you believe in magic?

Apparently HP does, just look here how freaking fantastic is that? You are able to join as many of the giveaways as you want but I am joining the give away that Mooshinindy is having, you should too.

A couple of years ago my sister Sherry won $1000 from a radio station. Her car was in the repair shop and the bill was $1300.00, the prize money would of been really helpful. Instead my sister wanted to pay it forward. She put $500.00 towards the car repair and then took the other $500.00 and gave 5 people $100.00. She then asked each person she gave $100.00 to pay it forward by giving $20.00 to someone they knew. That story has stuck with me and will forever.

If I won the HP Magic Giveaway I would keep the printer well because we don't have a printer and it would be nice to print things at home! I would give 2 computers to Ms W., Kastan's 2nd grade teacher. I would ask her to keep one for her class and as a class project pay it forward to someone. I KNOW MS W. would take on this project and each and every child in her class would be involved and learn from this experience. Just as my sister's story stuck with me, their story would stick with them. That life lesson is priceless.

Let me tell you a little about MS W. She is a very passionate teacher. She is not teaching for the pay check, great vacation time and daytime hours. She cares about teaching our children. She goes beyond what is expected. I am truly honored and proud that she is Kastan's teacher. I know she puts a lot of her money into the classroom. She DESERVES to have someone give to her and her classroom. She is a great mother to 2 children, one with special needs. She has such a warm personality that makes you want to hug her when you meet her. One of the extra's she did this year was a class play. I watched her in the audience as she proudly looked on and mouthed the words with the class. At the end she had just as many tears in her eyes as I did, she loves our children.

The next person I would pay it forward to is Sarah, she is a refreshing 16 year old girl that lives above the influence. She loves photography and making videos for youtube, well what teenager doesn't? I would give her the photo program and ask her to pay it forward by finding a good worthy home for the other computer. I know she would take it seriously and would understand and enjoy paying it forward. Hopefully the message would be passed onto the receiver.

Kung Fu Panda, my boys would totally be all over this. I would be all over teaching them the importance of helping out others and we would take the other copies to ashelter in our community.

The other stuff I would find grand homes for like the last computer going to theafterschool program that has one computer for all the school aged children to work on but the most important thing to me is giving other people the oppurtunity to pay it forward. I think that it is contagious to do good. I am a big believer in community and taking care of each other. I think every now and then we need a reminder to get back to the basics. I think this giveway would be a small little reminder to many people, please pick me to win!

A lot of this post came off as corney but I mean it sincerely, I'm a little worried that just means I am sincerely corney!


Casey's trio said...

What a lovely post...the world would be a better place if we all lived our lives by the pay it forward philosophy!

Jamie said...

Great post! Win, lose, or draw the pay it forward philosophy is a GREAT philosophy!

The Blonde Duck said...

What a wonderful post. If only everyone was as generous as you.

Jenners said...

Who cares if it is is REAL and GOOD and that is what counts. Great post!

Nicole said...

That is a great post and I hope you win so you can achieve it!

Nina said...

You are so right about paying it forward. That is pretty awsome what your sister did.

They just had a radio-thon in my area for our Childrens hospital and I donated again this year. My kids are healthy but I just feel I should pay it forward because you just never know. Plus $15 a month is nothing in the grand scheme of things.