Thursday, December 4, 2008

My New Love

Oh my goodness, I tasted a little bit of liss today. I have a supervisor at work to thank. She came by my office with a box of candies. She said I usually don't share my candy but I want you to taste these. She is an spoiled only child that has never learned to share in all her 42 years of life so I was honored that I got to taste her candy. Little did I know I would come mouth to candy with a new love. She introduced me to these

It was love at first taste. I mean the coconut middle melts in your mouth. The crisp outside has the texture of cookies, my description is not doing it justice. You have to go out and taste them for yourself.

Now here is where the story gets a little sticky. I have shared with you that I was in a rough time emotionally this last year. I went down the happy pill road and really feel I have come along ways. I feel better and recently stopped taking the pills. The problem is the year I was on the medication I gained a whooping 50 pounds, yeah I know ridiculous. Today my doctor prescribed me an appetite suppresent to give me a boost to this weight loss thing.

That means I only have tonight to eat another piece of the wonderful candy.....problem is I CAN NOT FIND THEM. I found out that they are sold at Walgreens and they are even on sale. Guess what, no Walgreenss close. They candies are not at Walmart, 7-11 or Food Lion in my neighborhood. I am going crazy and I have lost hope of tasting them.


Casey's trio said...

Ah man...where are the sweets when you need them?!?!? It's like when Costco stops carrying your favorite item and you don't know where else to find it.

Jenners said...

Hmmmmmmm...just what I need -- another treat to love. But if they are hard to find, perhaps it is better to let them be untasted.

If I come across them anywhere, I'll let you know!

Tabitha Blue said...

Ooohhhhh, I've never seen these, but they sound wonderful!! I may have to try and find some myself!!

angie said...

They sound divine. I'm going to have to give them a try when I find them. :)

They actually sound like the perfect sized "diet" dessert if one can stick to eating just one. :)

The Blonde Duck said...

Hopefully you can find them!

Nicole said...

That's a good thing! You know if you found them you wouldn't be able to put them down!!! My girlfriend had the same problem with those darn happy pills too. I will have to go try them (the candies)! Thanks for another reason to give me cavities and added love handles!