Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Busy Bees

I do love the holiday season, I feel the need to put that out there before I go into my mini rant here. It is so freaking busy EVERYWHERE. I feel like a little bee whose work will never get done. Work is crazy, I only had to work 2 days this week but wow, I packed alot of work into those two days. I had to leave my desk in shambles. Of course I had a couple of last minute things to take care of and every store is absolutely crowded. I like the feeling when I am out leasurely shopping but when I am on a mission to get something specific it is annoying. Kye has a fever, I needed to pick up some Motrin. It was like going into battle. Which brings me to my final gripe of the day. The express lane, SERIOUSLY people it says less than 20 items. Follow the rules, please. It is a system that woould work well if you would just follow the rules. Cashiers of said lanes become the police and lay down the express lane law. We need enforcers, I would of left in a much better mood if only everyone took the code of express lane as seriously as I do.

Oh well tomorrow is the last day and then it will be good times had by all!! I am done complaining and now going back to my regularly scheduled holiday spirit!


Tooj said...

I'm soooo with you on the express lane! I took a job cashiering at a grocery store after college as a second job to occupy my time...and you know what I learned? Even if you tried to adhere to the "express" expression, the customers would HOWL and cry and so we're forced to deal with them. And you know what else I learned? PEOPLE are VERY mean.

Jenners said...

Hope your Christmas was good and RELAXING! And I know what you mean about the express lane ... if I see an offender, I make a point of counting our items out loud in order to try and shame them.