Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And this is why I say goodbye to Mommy Guilt

Recently I adjusted my schedule and changed the boys child care from a home daycare provider to a daycare center. This is after I went back and forth on calling myself selfish and saying I need a break. You see the wonderful break comes in the form that I now have about an hour and a half in between leaving work and picking up the boys.

I haven't really used to extra time all that much because that Mommy guilt would creep in and I would rush from work straight to pick them up. I do love when I walk in and Kastan lights up and says Hey Mom! My heart does flip flops when Kye comes running up to me and yells Mommy as he gives me a huge hug!

After the wonderful greeting we would head home to start the nightly grind. Of course I am wore out because I.just.left.work. No one cares though, they want dinner, baths, playtime, homework. I would do it dragging ass
and being a cranky-ass most of the times but we do get through the night only to wake up and start all over.

Well recently I have said bump that Mommy Guilt I need to take care of me. I now spend that extra time going to the gym. I do cardio and an ab workout and then head to get my favorite men. Guess what? When I walk through that door Kastan still lights up and Kye still yells Mommy and runs for a hug. No changes there but huge changes at home. I am more energized and most definitely happier.

Happier=nicer=behaved children=better night!

So to Mommy Guilt I say eff off, I am doing my best I have two really great, well adjusted, smart, caring, loving little boys that think I am the best mother ever. I know this because just tonight my sweet Kastan said, "Mom have I ever told you you're the best Mom ever, cause you are."


Shalee- Be Speechless said...

Good for you! No more Mommy Guilt!
Everyone needs me time. :D

The gym is the perfect place for some ME time. :D

That is so cute about your little boy.

rmgales said...

We all need some ME time. No need to feel guilty.

Dawn said...

I agree... good for you!!

I'd love to have an hour to myself everyday. But, I do get 5 hours to myself on Wednesdays while Camryn is at MDO. So I guess I do sort of have that. LOL!

Mommy guilt sucks the life out of us, I swear!

Tooj said...

It's great that you recognized this and decided to do something about it! :) I do the same (or did...it's on hold for now), straight from work to the kids to the nightly duties...and then exhaustion. I used to get upset that I'd fall asleep before I could even catch my favorite basketball games! It's going to start back up soon, so I have treasured the break. Good for you!

Letti said...

We need Mommy time too.

Mom on the Run said...

That is a great decision. Don't feel guilty!

The Blonde Duck said...

Moms and wives both need time to themselves. It's amazing how our stress can affect everyone else in a family!

Nina said...

Every mom needs that time...

I have a little of that. I work half days two days a week, pick the 6 year old up from Kindergarten and go home with just him. I leave the little one at his sitters. I spend time with Luke and do something for me while he either watches cartoons or takes a nap. I feel that guilt but the baby is so much more work and it doesn't stop with him so I take a small break from him two days a week.

Helene said...

Your son's comment to you absolutely melted my heart!! You know, I don't think it's the amount of time we actually spend with our kids but it's about the way we spend that time when we're with them. And we're all better mothers when we take care of ourselves and give ourselves those much needed breaks!! You deserve it!!!

Thanks for adding my blog to your sidebar! I'm gonna add yours to my blogroll!