Saturday, January 3, 2009

Party of the Year

Mark your calendars for the party of the year, possibly the decade. It is happening in March. The countdown has been on since May 08, marked by daily dicussions, ideas and changes. The invitation list is growing and growing though a couple of people have been on then off then on again a couple of different times.

What is this party I speak of. Well Mr Kye's 4th birthday of course. Every since we went to his friends birthday in May he has been planing his bash. It is kind of ironic because my secret-I-wish-I-had-that-job-but-am-scared-to-take-a-chance-job is a party planner.

So my party planner still has not grasped time frames so every day he must ask me if his party is tomorrow. When I say no he then asks me if it is today. I need ideas on how to explain when his party is.

The invitation lists includes every boy in his daycare class. Though many of them come off and on depending on the days playing activities. The only little girl that has made the list is his cousin Taylor. She is a girl but she gets a free pass because they are only 6 weeks apart so they have always hung out! Ahh I can't say Taylor is the only girl he has also mentioned his "girlfriend" Johanna. Johanna is my friends daughter and for whatever reason my child that does not normally have anything to do with girls started calling her his girlfriend. Oh course at his age he means girl that is a friend but I giggle everytime he says it.

He also invites his teachers, not just his but every teacher he comes into contact with. He really admires teachers and ask why I am not a teacher. Random people we pass while out and about get invited also. People that are important for parties like bank tellers, cashiers, mailmen and random neighbors.

He has planned many games and of course a list of presents. He makes his list from every toy commercial that comes on the tv, seriously they advertise way too many toys. He is adament that the party is happening at his house. Not really a big fan of that I prefer to have parties in places that they clean up and do all the work for you errr I mean help you host.

He also makes the announcement that he will be 4 on his next birthday frequently through out the day, every day. I guess in his world 4 is a very big deal. 4 in my world means my baby is growing up waaaayyyy to fast!


Letti said...

That is so sweet. So what is the guest list up to now?

AmberP said...

Awwwww, that is so cute!!
Where's the party at? My birthday is in March too... I will be celebrating it in Atlantic City :)