Saturday, January 17, 2009

And this is why video games are good!

We are a family of gamers, no getting around it. I play simple mindless games on POGO. Keith and Kastan plays online games like Warhammer. In order to be successful in the games that Kastan plays you have to be able to read and type. Not an issue for my little brainiac, he hangs right in there. We have always thought he was pretty good with it and ow we have proof.

Kastan's school uses PAWS typing software during one of their computer resource class. The whole school has been doing it and out of every 2nd-5th grader in the school Kastan was the 3rd person to finish. I relate this directly to his typing for the game.

What do you think a real coorelation or just the perfect excuse to keep doing what we love?


AmberP said...

Haha... when in doubt... make excuses!
I have a friend that has a HUGE addiction to Pogo.... I love the mindless games :)

Tooj said...

Let's go with both! It's certainly a correlation to his success in school AND it reinforces your reasons for allowing them to play! :)

blueviolet said...

Let's go with whatever reason we can use to continue.