Monday, November 3, 2008

Are you ready for tomorrow?

After reading this post I decided to take my stab at explaining my political thoughts. I am so excited to vote tomorrow. I am such a huge fan of Obama. I think he is exactly what this country needs. I feel like his ideas will take this country far. He is so inspiring to me and so many Americans. I think he is in touch with more middle class Americans and has the best interest of this great country in mind.

This election has taken me on such an emotional roller coaster and I am ready to get off the ride and welcome Barack Obama as president. The election has brought out so much in our growth as a country. We have a female running for vice-president and an African American as President it wasn't that long ago that neither one of them would even be allowed to vote. As far as we have come as a country this election has also opened my eyes to how far we have to go. It has saddened me to hear the blatant racism that is in our country.

This has been so hard for me. I mean it is really rampid on the Internet but also in my everyday life. I have heard some of the most hurtful thoughts and the sad thing is it comes from people I love and respect. It makes me feel defeated to hear the comments. I take it personally and feel saddened to think about how these people honestly feel about my husband and my children. It kills me to hear the intolerance of others. I hate that we have had to defend the fact that Obama is not a Muslim but really why should we have to. Muslims are not terrorists, Muslims are not bad people why is being a Muslim even a point to defend against?

Other than race the issues that matter to me include health care, Afghanistan and schools. I work in social services, I see on a DAILY basis sick people come in that have NO, zip, zero, zilch health insurance. They do not fit a covered group for Medicaid so they get nothing. Today it was a lady that beat breast cancer about 5 years ago and now she has brain cancer, guess what no insurance. Is that fair or even humane. Does she really deserve to be told sorry you were born to the wrong family, you don't have enough money to deserve life? What is $5000.00 tax deduction that John McCain offers going to do for her? What will it do to the thousands of others like her in the future? I can blog about a similar story, it happens constantly. I work for a small agency and we see it, think about how often it is happening through out. Is that something our country should be proud of?

I can hold a grudge with the best of them and I am mad about September 11, 2001. I am angry that we continue to lose American lives in Afghanistan and Bin Laden is still alive. I want him dead, I want him to pay for all he has done to this country. I do not want my husband's time over there to be for nothing. We are lucky the only thing we sacrificed was a year away from him but I am still mad that we sacrificed birthdays and holidays to still have Bin Laden walking around. I appreciate the sacrifices others have made including those that gave the ultimate sacrificed with their lives. It is time to elect a President that recognizes the importance of going after those that ATTACKED us.

It is a crime that we are not giving our children all we can with their education. We need money to ensure every child has what they need to be successful. We need to value our teachers and appreciate and reward them for the amazing job they do. We have to be willing to spend money on our future. We need to fund education on sex. We need to do all we can to stop unwanted pregnancies. Abortion is only an issue with unwanted pregnancy. Let's focus on the problem and help take away the need for so many abortions.

Tomorrow is the day that you are given the opportunity to vote, please make a wise decision and bring the best man to the office. Go out and vote it is your duty! Obama 08!!


jodifur said...

thanks so much for the link. Wonderful post and I agree with you 100%

Moxymama said...

Great post!