Friday, November 28, 2008

Frying turkey with the K's

So every year fir a while Keith has wanted to fry our turkey but we never got around to buying a fryer......................... until this year. We did it, his Thanksgiving wish came true and I am going to share the story with you!

Step 1- Buy the fryer. Upon opening the box immediately point out to everyone around how many pieces the fryer is in (this can be used later on to impress them with your techincal talents).

Step 2- Put the fryer together with the help of some handy buddies.

Step 3- Ensure the turkey is completely defrosted, you can do this by asking your wife 1347 times when the turkey was put out to thaw. If that does not reassure you then feel free to throughly inspect the turkey leaving your wife to wonder about how much you're actually enjoying this step

Step 4- Pore the oil in the fryer and then realize you didn't get enough because once again you didn't listen to your wife and tried to take the cheap way out. This step could very easily lead to a Thanksgiving fight so suck it up and put on your best, damn-she-is-right-again-face. This will cause her to once again feel victory and then she will not mind leaving to go get more oil.

Step 5- Carry the turkey to the fryer and submerge into the oil. Prior to step 5 you might want to reiterate how dangerous this is so that the peanut gallery stays back. This will ensure no one is up close in case of mishaps.

Step 6- Wait the allotted time, which is established by a debate with your wife and then a search of google. Enjoy the wait with friends and family.

Step 7- Take the turkey out, this can be another tricky step that can be up for a lot of debate. Everyone will have an idea on how this can be done best, go with your gut.
At the last minute realize you are about to burn your friends arms and switch cooking mittens

Step 8- pose with the finished product

Step 9- Enjoy

As you can see by the end result we all thought it was a great turkey!


jubilee said...

My brother in law deep fries his turkey. They ARE wonderful!

I enjoyed reading your funny "how-to" post.

My husband gets the same she-was-right! look on his face more often than he'd Ev.Er. admit.

(Found you through SITS!)

jubilee said...

I forgot to mention, that I love the title of your blog. So true for so many of us. I can totally relate.

Jamie said...

Yum, that looks good and like quite an adventure ;-) My husband fried our turkey a few years ago...but when we moved we didn't want to pack up the greasy fryer so we trashed hoo, now we are sad, hehe. Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Julie said...

Deep fried turkies are awesome, well heck, deep fried anything is pretty darned good. Yours looks great!