Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We Did It

It was a rainy morning and we left the house about 6:15 to head to the polls. On the way there I just felt overwhelmed and actually started crying. I can't explain why I was so emotional, it just seem like such a great moment in our life.It was me and Keith in talking to Kastan and Kye about the importance of today. It was a great teaching point in so many ways. Kastan went with me into the booth, we voted and got our stickers. The whole process only took about 25 mins. The rest of the day at work I felt like a kid the night before Christmas. Finally the work day was over and I came home and crashed out on the couch for a couple of hours. It was like I got off the emotional rollercoaster and just shut down. I am now listening to the returns coming in with such excitement and can't wait to see who wins!!!