Sunday, November 23, 2008

The countdown is on!!!!!!

I know this time of year there are many countdowns going on for people. Some for the different holidays, some for the new year, some for the time family gets in town and then another for when family leaves. My countdown is for THIS!!!!

It's Britney Bitch!!! I am a huge fan, I love her. I think she has rockin body and I love the way she dances. I know she isn't the best singer vocally but she is a complete entertainer. LOVE HER!!!!

Now I know she went off the deep end and lost her mind. I can't make any excuses for the decisions she made with her kids and marriage and all the craziness. All that was wack but I still lllloooovvvveee her!


Mom on the Run said...

As a reality TV junkie count me in. I'm a little bit obsessed with watching celebrities and noncelebs on reality shows. It will be interesting to see where Britney's show falls...Denise Richards' show is too predictable...Kimore Lee Simmons is a little fake...Run's House is a fun family...Rock of Love Charm School is trainwreck that I cannot stop watching.

Heidi Louise Stein said...

i also am a britney fan.
loveeeeeee her, can't wait to see it either, and really am waiting on her cd, dec 2nd!