Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dream Eagle

While reading my friend Heidi's blog I thought about how much I love dreams. I like to hear about people's dreams, I like to talk about my dreams, dreams are just so interesting to me. So yeah I am one of those people that say, let me tell you about this dream I had and expect you to be just as excited about them. I am a good listener to other dream tellers also.

Last night I had a dream that Keith died, it was so sad. My sister told me to not worry because my mom had a life insurance on him and I would be receiving $133.00 a month. In my dream all that made it better money wise but I was so sad, I even woke up crying.

That so much wasn't a good dream and of course the day I want to post about dreams that is what I have to draw from. I must say I thik my little Kye is a vivid dreamer also. He is always laughing, crying and talking in his sleep.

So what about you, do you remember your dreams?


Heidi Louise Stein said...

I should be posting my blog first [before i forget it lol] but one, thank you for mentioning me. you are too sweet.
when i talked to my mom yesterday, she told me no one would want to read my dreams - that only we are so interested in them ourselves. I can believe it, a little bit. But i would totally read others as well. but i know how you feel about how you want others to be interested in your own. lol

and i'm sorry you had a sad dream. i hate when you wake up crying, and that sometimes a sad dream can ruin your whole day :( don't let it!!

and crazy - sounds like a dream i would have especially since we are in the process RIGHT NOW of buying life insurance!

Jess said...

Oh I dream so much, Bre also talks in her sleep a lot. I love hearing and reading on dreams. Sorry you had a sad dream about DH I have had those and it felt so real. The officers knocked on my door and told me Mike was killed and I was yelling I woke up crying that time.

I'm off to go read Heidi's blog!

momto2boys said...

Sometimes I remember them... and sometimes not. I have woken myself up from my own laughter. I have also woken up in tears. I used to have really scary dreams that were so real I couldn't go back to sleep for hours afterwards.