Friday, November 21, 2008

Nothing Cool but I am trying.

Since becoming a top momma two days ago I have felt the pressure to come up with more exciting and fun posts. I spent all day today thinking about a new category for Friday's posts. You know something like fun Friday, funky Friday, fashion Friday.

Nothing is coming to me. My friend Jodi has shoe Friday and that is really neat. I would like to steal I mean do something similar but for one thing I don't have regular readers and two I know I would probably not keep up with it and then the few readers I do have would hate me.

So I guess this brings me back to the point, I have a nothing cool friday, anyone have any ideas????


Heidi Louise Stein said...

totally bout shopping online at a store you always wanted to, but could/would never, and just filling the basket/cart w/ the items you would actually want to buy, but of course never purchasing the items, but sharing the list/pics with your readers.???

or how bout like a "good deed friday" like make a point to do something selfless and nice to/for someone on fridays and talk about it. good karma fridays.

I Wasn't Born a Soccer Mom said...

Oh I like both of those Heidi!