Thursday, November 20, 2008

Remember the Kids

When I started working at Social Services one of my duties was to transport the foster care children to appointments, to visits and to new foster parents. It was very taxing on my emotions but also rewarding in a sense also.

The first time I ever did a transport it was an 18 month old little boy that was just taken into custody. I had to take him from one foster parent to another for just a break. We were stopped at a red light next to Ruby Tuesday and this little boy just lit up and was so excited. I have no clue what made him so happy about this place but he was excited.

When I dropped him off at the other house he started crying and reaching up to me calling me Mommy. It was so hard to walk out of that door, he was scared. I did manage to get in the agency's vehicle before I busted out crying. I wanted to go back and just hug that little boy. He was only 6 months older than my Kye.

Two days later I had to go pick up this same little boy to take him to his new foster care parents house. I was told that I would need to get all of his stuff because he wouldn't be returning to the first foster care house. When I got there to pick up the sweet boy I was prepared to lug his stuff to the car. He only had to plastic grocery bags of stuff, that was it. That is all this little boy had. I pack more for my sons to go to daycare than this little boy owns.

I share this story with you to remind you to do a little to help the children in foster care in your area. We set up a tree so people can choose a child or a present to buy for the children in our area. This is similar to the ones Salvation Army sets up but I don't know that it is as well known. Take the time to call your local social services ad find out what you can do to help these sweet kids that will be away from their families these holidays.

Thank You.


jodifur said...

Did I know you worked for DSS? I'm an attorney for DSS.

Heidi Louise Stein said...

i just woke up, and i am crying now. thanks ;)

I Wasn't Born a Soccer Mom said...

Ahhh I didn't want to make you sad!