Friday, July 18, 2008

As a mother to boys

Never in a million years would I think I would be doing and saying some of things I have since becoming the mother of boys. I have been asked some crazy questions like "Mommy why does my worm (worm being his penis, thanks Grandma) just keep getting bigger and bigger" "Mommy how did you get such big muscles?" The muscle questions was directed at my vuluputious breast so it could of almost been a compliment in a sense cause hey let's face it there was a time when they were barely noticeable by anyone! Being the mother to boys I realized men/boys can pee on their head, don't know that I would ever really want to but having the option would be kinda cool! Today though I did something that is far different then those silly things as a mother to boys.......I caught Jelly Fish. Might not sound like a big deal but I am a big chicken about anything involving any animals. I mean I am afraid of most dogs, petrified of snakes and any other animals. To help you better understand I will share a story with you. One time I was driving with the boys and there was a turtle in the road. I decide to stop and Kastan asks if we can take it home and let it lose in the water at our house. Well we get out and I tell him to put it in this box. Well that was a disaster because he was scared and I couldn't do it and just to leave I had to get in the passengers side and crawl over because I didn't even want to walk beside the turtle. You would of thought it was a ninja turtle! So after hearing that imagine my pride as I caught 4 jelly fish in a bucket. I am from the midwest so I didn't realize all the hassle they can cause but they can sting you. People around her just get them out of the water, bury them in the sand and go on about their way. Today I was the cool mom getting them out so the boys could examine them and bury them!!!


Amy said...

Got to love boys! I have a bucket of composting worms on the back porch ... because my boys love worms!

momto2boys said...

I love boy 7.5 yr old asked me why boys have testicles. When his dad told him it was to help make babies he laughed and said" that's ridiculous dad, boys don't have babies".

Tasheana said...

i guess i get to look forward to those types of questions. i have one 9 month old boy and another due in october. i am really looking forward to it though.