Sunday, July 6, 2008

Four Tens

Because of high gas prices my work has given us the option to fork 4 ten hour days. Thinking of my all the extra time I would be able to spend with my boys I jumped all over it. Now the day before my first 10 hour day I am getting a little nervous. This means I will have to be out the door with them by 6:15 in the morning. We already do a mad morning dash to get out the door so to prevent a more ragged morning I will need to be organized. I take my boys to an in home daycare provider so they can come over in pajama's, that is great. I will just pack their bags the night before. Although the days will start early and last long I am so excited for the three day weekends. The first Friday off Grandma and Grandpa will have the boys out camping so I will drive out there and spend the day doing water activities. I have a Friday planned with girl friends at the beach with all of our kids. As far as saving gas it probably is not gonna work but it will add fun to our summer!!!


Amy said...

My hubby works bi-weekly schedule of three days one week, four days the next ... twelve hour days and although they are long every other weeks we have four days off together it is great! Hope it works for you!

Dena said...

I think 3 day weekends sound awesome!!! More places should do this now because of the gas issue..