Thursday, July 17, 2008

Girls Trip Canceled

So every year my sister and I go on a girls trip to just have a fun time and leave the men and kids at home. We like to bask in the sun and drink our faces off. It really is the charge of my batteries to keep me going in this hectic life. Well this years trip has been canceled and I couldn't be happier. It was canceled because my sister is PREGNANT!!! I am so happy for her, she has a 3 year old ballerina princess so this addition to their family will be great. I am excited beyond words and so happy for her and her husband. I can not wait to see how great of a big sister my niece will be! I can't wait to hear the name they pick out, I can't wait to see if they are having a boy or girl, I can't wait to see her pregnant belly and to tell my sons that they are going to have another cousin! I have to get my list of names together, problem is I like not so common names and she likes common names! Hmmm guess I will just have to see what she decides! Congratulations Sherry, i can't wait to meet our new family member!!!


Amy said...

Congratulations! My sister recently had her first baby ... and it has been so much fun sharing stories and being moms together!

Jones Wifey said...

lOh wait who said we will cancel any trip! We still need a break, it may not be the beach of Hawaii but damn it we have to get away and recharge. Because just like you...that is why I survive the entire year. Also, make some room for family as soon as you close on that house of yours. The Clampets are coming to VIrginia! I love you and thanks for being my support system.

Dena said...

How exciting!!!!!! But Boo on the girls trip being cancelled. I need a girls trip BAD.