Friday, July 25, 2008

Easy Come Easy Go

So yesterday at work my supervisor comes over and says that we got a $10,000 donation to the agency from an elderly gentleman and said he also gave some blackberries. I was really excited thinking wow I hope I am in the line up for a blackberry. Our conversation went as follows:

Me:(excitedly) Wow, that is great, what are they doing with the blackberries?

Her: Oh they are nice ones, really big.

Me: (persistantly) So how are they giving them out?

Her: Well we decided so that the whole agency gets to benefit from them we are making Blackberry Cobbler and bringing in ice cream for a social tomorrow afternoon.

Me: (disappointedly) Oh sorry I will be out of the office tomorrow and miss it.

It still was nice of the man to give the donation but I was dreaming a little to big!

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Lauren said...

LOL! That's too funny!