Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Do Not Call Here

I have a great time responding to telemarketers. It is the next best thing to pranking people and since caller id has pretty much ruined that, I resort to tormenting poor little telemarketers. I have had some really funny conversations and I am sure I really irritate a couple of them. One time I answered a call from a telemarketer claiming I won a free 3 night hotel stay. I asked if we could break it down to hour increments because that is all my husband and I would need is periodic hour visits. The girl actually transferred me to her supervisor and of course I was told that was not possible. I think the girl might of got laughed at because she called me back mad and said that was a great joke. My newest gig I learned from my sister, when I see it is a telemarketer I tell Kye that spongebob or Dora is on the phone and of course he talks their ear off and don't let them get a word in edge wise and they end up hanging up on him. oh it cracks me up but as funny as I think it all is I am tormented by one particular place. The one that tells you your car warrenty is running out, it is an annoying recording and it calls me everywhere. I get at least one a day at home and at least once a week at work. they find me where ever I am. The other day at work I was walking past an interview room and the phone was ringing so I picked it up and yup you guessed it, Car Warranty Fairy! Almost enough to make me want to sign the do not call list but I can not let them win, I have to much fun with it all!


momto2boys said...

That's so funny...I just started letting my 4 yr old answer when it's a telemarketer. It cracks me up to hear him with them. He just starts laughing after awhile and hands it to me. This is my first visit to your blog. I'm enjoying your writing.

Mom on the Run said...

I like the idea of handing the phone to kids. I got a call once from a Make a Wish-type organization. I grilled the person about the purpose of the organization. I also ranted at the caller for calling me by my first name and not "Mrs. ??" Needless to say the caller hung up on me...I loved it.