Friday, July 11, 2008

Missing Link

So I know as working mother I complain (alot) about all that I do, how early my days start, how I leave work then start my second job as a mother and how late my nights are but you know what I love it! I became aware of it this week. Wednesday my husbands parents picked up the boys from their day care provider and took them camping. It was a relief getting off work and not having to rush, DH and I went to dinner. We ate peacefully had a beer, adult conversation, it was heaven. We came home and got to have crazy adult time without fear of being heard. It was nice, I totally enjoyed it but then it was lonely. The house was quiet, I didn't have to say quit fighting with your brother at any time but it was lonely. I could go to bed anytime I wanted with only bathing myself but it was so lonely. When I finally did go to bed I missed my boys like crazy. There was definetly a missing link in our little family. They come home today and I am so excited, I can't wait to hear their stories and I can't wait to hug their little bodies! Tonight will be cuddle and snuggle time! Now don't get me wrong Mama needs her breaks and I have been on girls trips with out them, away from them for business trips but being in our housewithout them was a lonely feeling. As a result of this you guys are gonna get an aray of random pictures of my little men!

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