Thursday, July 3, 2008

Paper or Plastic?

Neither, how about a tote for shopping! A friend of mine posted this in an online community I am a part of. It really made me think about how I can do something small for the good of the Earth. I mean something as small as giving up plastic bags can make an impact. About a month ago I went to science day at Virginia Institute of Marine Science and won a Trader Joe's grocery tote. I didn't really listen to everything the girl was telling me about plastic bags but now I am closer to caring and getting it! The best part for me is the effect it could have on oil. I am so over our countries dependency on oil from other countries. So from here on out this family will just say no to plastic bags. Think of small changes you can make, if you can't think of a changbe feel free to give up plastic bags!

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Amy said...

Bravo to you! As a family we have been taking 'baby steps' to help our wonderful planet! Plastic is tough, it is so bad in so many ways and yet it is everywhere! Taking these steps can be difficult, we have challenged our family to no plastic touching our food! We are not quite there yet but we are working on it! I am always so glad to see others putting in whatever effort they can!