Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mandatory Fun

So how does an exciting well planned adventure turn into a stressed out Momma pulling her hair out and screaming we are having fun whether you like it or not. I will help you understand. Yesterday I took my boys and my 8 year old neice to the Air and Space Center. It was about an hour drive in which Kye asked me 3261 times if he could ride a space rocket, the older two disagreed on everything they talked about. I hit a drive through on the way there because I knew things would be way overpriced. That was a mess in itself just trying to get them to eat their food and not re-upholster the car in fries and nuggets. Well we finally make it there and the older two would run up to the exhibts and just push every possible button. They didn't read what was going on but would ask me every question about what was going on. I had to tell them to read afterall I had no clue myself, at times they think I am a walking enclypedia (huh kids look I can't even spell enclypedia) and should have all the answers. Then Kastan decides he is afraid of everything, they had a lot of cool exhibts that involved entering a little movie showing and my sweet boy that asks to watch movies like I am legend was afraid of movies at the Air and Space Center, I mean really. Then Kye, my little fire cracker, I believe he was channeling his inner camel because he asked for something to drink every 30 steps. I think he was trying to store water for a trip across the desert and expected him to leave with a hump in the middle of his back. So by the 6000th drink, the pleading to just go to the gift shop and dragging my 7 year old in a plane to watch a movie in which I directed him to go ask some of the 3 year olds for reassurance if he was that scared I think I almost lost my mind! I had to explain we were there to have fun and there were not going to be an exceptions, everyone was gonna have fun. I did get some good pictures so of course I will share them with you guys!!

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