Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pretty Hurts

You see that thing over there? That is the Ped Egg and has quickly become my best friend. It is a handy little contraption that helps you reach the goal of soft feet. It resembles a cheese grater and comes with an egg shaped cover that catches all the shavings of dead skin. I didn’t realize how much I obsessed with feet until I read Dena’s blog on her foot fetish. Now I wouldn’t go as far as to call mine a fetish; I think I am still in the obsession state. Anyways I realized how much I use my Ped Egg one morning when my dear husband yells out babe were running late we don’t have time for you to shave your feet. I don’t think he realizes that the amount of goodies found in the Ped Egg helps me judge the day’s worth. A lot means good productive day a little means slow drawn out day. Ok not really but I do feel better the days I am able to attack my feet with my egg! Soft feet used to never be an issue for me, I always had soft feet. I am trying to reflect back on the cause of this problem and I have it narrowed down to two possible causes. The first one is pregnancy; I mean I did manage to gain a whooping 60 pounds with each child, that couldn’t be good on the feetsies. I do fall back on that pregnancy excuse for far to many of my bodies dysfunction so I think I will let it off the hook and go with my second cause…………sassy shoes. This makes sense to me because when I was in the Army I had no choice but to wear big ugly combat boots but I always received compliments on my feet, even from the pedicurist. Now that I am required to wear fabulous shoes on a daily basis my feet are paying the price. Another piece of evidence to back up my theory see this beautiful girl here. That is my sister Sherry; she has a shoe collection that can make grown women fall to their knees in envy. One small problem, she has gator sticks to shove in them. Ok not really gator sticks but they are a little under the weather, I love you Sherry. I think this is all the evidence I need to prove fabulous shoes, damaged feet but remember ladies pretty hurts!


Jill B. said...

I think I would like the Ped Egg. I love a good scrub of the ole feet. What have you heard about the pad you place on your feet to remove toxins while you sleep? Have you tried them??

Jones Wifey said...

Ok...gator sticks. Between you and my husband I have resorted to going to a podiatrist and getting these things fixed or should I say "loped off" as Jones would say.
Urgh...I am going to beat you. Yes, pretty hurts!