Saturday, July 5, 2008

Picture Problems

I do not know what is going on with my family but for some reason my boys will not take a normal picture. If I take pictures individually it sometimes works out but when I try to get them togehter you can forget it. One will be looking away, have a half smile or eyes shut. It is driving me crazy. Yesterday we went with my in-laws to watch fireworks from their boat. It was a nice time having all of the family together but I didn't get any pictures that are good. Here is a couple to prove my point.


Jill B. said...

I feel as though I must bribe or threaten my kids when I take a photo. My kids always turn their annoying! I tell them "I will record your childhood whether you like it or not!"

Amy said...

HE!HE! This makes me laugh ... we went to Sears a few years ago to do pictures ... at the time we had our four children and my two nephews ... so that was 2 eleven year olds, 2 nine year olds, a five year old and a baby -- this poor young man who was trying to get a picture!