Saturday, July 26, 2008

Internet Friends

I have been a member of an online community for years now. I joined when I was pregnant with Kye, he is 3 so about 4 years. Today I met one of the girls at the park with our kids. It was a good time and felt comfortable because we have been interacting on the internet so long. I must admit there was a quick second when I pulled up that I was a little nervous because I think about how it is so easy to post a lot of crazy stories on our board and for a split second I was worried. Then I remembered that she has read all of those stories and still wanted to meet me! So I was reassured. While we were at the park a guy asked if our kids were related or just pals. Simple question right.....but both of us just kinda froze for a minute and then she was able to say well were pals so that makes them pals. It was just a little awkward to say ummm we are virtual friends meeting for the first time. So my question........ Is the internet a common way to meet friends or is it still a little odd for mainstream society? My friend met her husband online but she was so embarassed to tell people that she met him at the beach. I think talking to a random stranger on the beach ad exchanging numbers and whatever else is not any more or less respectable than getting to know someone online and then meeting them.


Mom on the Run said...

I think meeting a woman and her kids at a playground is probably safe. The area is open and you can always make an excuse and leave if you feel the person is overbearing or odd.

A few years ago I started selling Kindermusik products. I held parties and sold products online. I had problems getting my friends to commit to a party, so I started thinking of ways to publicize myself. Another friend who sold Crayola products said she would sometimes take her kids to the park and wear her bright yellow Crayola bag on her shoulder. She hoped the bag would spark moms to ask questions. I briefly thought about doing the same with my bright green Kindermusik bag. In the end I did not as I felt I could not pull off this "act." I also think I would have been distracted by my children and unable to hold a conversation.

momto2boys said...

My hubby has met some really nice people online and they've become friends of the whole family. They were just out this weekend to our house. I think it can be hit and miss as to whether the people you're meeting are going to be true friends...but like you said sometimes meeting a stranger in real life can be just as problematic.

momto2boys said...

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