Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gone Fishing

So being the only girl in the house has benefits. One of them I exercised today. Keith was taking the boys fishing, something I will never have the desire to do. I got a free pass because fishing is a male bonding time in our family. Ha Ha I had the whole day to do whatever I want, with out kids, where ever I wanted. Guess what I choose to do.............. no I didn't I didn't go to lunch ..... no I didn't watch a movie.............of course I didn't clean the house, I chose out of everything to take a NAP!! Seriously, what does this say about my life? I have to admit it was so nice and peaceful to just lay in silence and close my eyes without worrying about anyone else being asleep or not. Lovely, lovely I say!!!

I also wanted to add a couple of picture of Keith since I forgot to on this post So Here is my Pooh Bear

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Tasheana said...

i can't wait till i can get a day by myself. my husband can't take of ayden, he gets too frustrated. haha. maybe after they're potty trained i'll get one. glad you got some rest on your day off.