Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stress Reliever

Work has been pretty stressful as I have been complaining about lately so to combat that I had a fun girly night. My friend and her almost 16 year old daughter and I went to the mall to walk around. I picked up some shirts for work and a pair of pants, nothing special but it was nice to just walk around and chit chat about stuff. It was also really neat to be around a teenage girl. She is a really good girl that makes good decisions. She's really refreshing. She was talking on and on about these Jonas Brothers. I was listening ad pretty impressed until she gave me the deal breaking news. Joe Jonas often wears white skinny jeans. I can not deal with any boy in skinny jeans. Just makes my skin crawl and I almost break out in hives. Which lead to a conversation on how I will never let my boys wear them in my house. I do mean ever. My friend told me that in the teenage years you pick your battles and clothes that are not offensive usually don't make the battle list. Now I am all for letting them be who they are but I will not do skinny pants for boys. That is wear I draw the line. Kastan has a pair of jeans that he tore the knee out of and he was so excited about it. He thought it was cool and it made me cringe. However I give in and let him wear them as long as it isn't a big event or anything special. Kye picked the ugliest velcro strapped CARS shoes that light up. Everything in my body said don't get them but he loved them so I did. He loves those shoes, Kastan loves the hole in the knee pants. I can give a little but once again I draw the line with skinny pants for boys!!!

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Jess said...

I an look past the skinny jeans I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS!!! I am 25 and love the Jonas Brothers. Mikey got me hooked they are his all time favorite!!