Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'll do it

How come I can not say no? I know I am over committing myself but I just keep agreeing to do things. I am voluntering as a Precinct Captain for our local field office for the Campaign for Change, this is something I really care about. It is a lot of work that I didn't realize but it is fun stuff that I like doing. I am also the treasurer for a local grass root type organization for local supporters of Obama. The lady in charge is so sporadic an unorganizied and it drives me crazy. I want to tell her to go away and come back once she has it together but noooo I don't. She asks me if I could do something and I jump right in there and say no problem. During a meeting they ask about veterans and of course I jump right in there to offer support. I didn't really commit to much more than trying to find people to help so I spoke to my husband who is also a veteran and he agreed to help. I am the same way at work and keep taking on more than my share. It would be fine if everyone had the attitude to do all they can there but instead there are a bunch of lazy's that sit back while people like me do way more work. I guess I will learn my lesson one day until then I will just be stretched thinly!

Oh yeah did you go here to vote for Sarah V today?


momto2boys said...

I think it's great when people participate in any process. Obviously, being a Union President I like when people participate. As long as you enjoy it then I say go for it. The lazy people drive me crazy too.

Amy said...

It is hard to say no when you want to help. I always seem to take on way more than I should. But it keeps me out of trouble, I suppose!

Good For you! I am sure it is appreciated.