Monday, August 11, 2008

That's so gross

Today's post is going to be about random things that gross me out. No reason for writing them just purely a random post.

1. Teeth are sooo nasty. I realized this when Kastan would come up to me asking me to feel his loose tooth. Just ewwwwww. Not to mention I am carrying around a little box of his teeth from this day.

2. Toes, they just look weird and hearing about some peoples toe nails are brittle just gives me the heebie jeebies. Take care if your gator sticks!

3. The fact that boys are not born with a good pee aim and it takes years for them to develop a good aim.

4. Littler boxes, I wish I would of thought of this nasty little thing before I ran out and got my boys 2 kitties.

5. Floaties in drinks, can not drink after my kids, ga-ross

6. Vomit, I think someone forgot to give me my mom super vomit badge because I just can't handle it. There will be no stories of me rubbing anybodies forhead or holding their hair for them while they throw up. Sorry but your nasty ass will have to shower anyways, no reason for me to get ear you and no I don't care your only 3!

7. Bad breath, seriously there is no reason for dragon breath. There are too many mints, gums and just a swig of anything can put the fire out. I know I can taste mine when it is a little tart and I fix it. There is no reason to be walking around smelling like you had a hot shit sandwich, extra shit hold the bread for lunch!!!

These are just a little of the nasties I hate, feel free to share yours!


momto2boys said...

I totally agree with you on 4 - 7. I also can't stand dirty fingernails. One year when I taught 3rd grade I had some students with dirt just totally impacted under their nails. So grossss!!!! You can bet I keep my boys nails trimmed and clean. Ew, and going into a ladies restroom and the seat is wet...seriously, we as a sex sit can there be pee on the seat.

Jess said...

LMAO you are crazy Anji! I hate chipped nail polish. I have no idea why but that is nasty to me. *WEIRD* I know.