Friday, August 1, 2008


I will admit that I have never really been to involved in politics. I just didn't know where to get started and what really was important to me. Funny, I spent ten years in the military it seems I would be a bit interested in being aware of my world around me. I guess I just figured someone else smarter than me could handle that part and I could just go on living my life. Things started to change for me around the Bush/Kerry election. I tried to pay attention to debates but didn't really do any research to find out the candidates stance on issues. This year has been really exciting, I mean in our life time a woman and a black American ran for the democratic seat. We are witnessing history and I am inspired. I am a huge Obama supporter, that man truly gives me hope for a better country. Our economy is in the crapper, our relationship with other countries are goiing down hill fast, too many people in this country struggle with no health insurance. Change needs to happen. I realize that the president doesn't have the power to solve all of these problems but I feel that Obama inspires people to get out and make changes happen for themselves. It is apparant that Obama is great at speaking and would represent our country well. I believe so much in Obama that I am volunteering at a Obama supporters office opening in my small town. We will work on finding more Obama supports and getting people registered to vote. I am so excited and look forward to learning and the overall experience.


momto2boys said...

I support Obama too, except for one thing and this could be the deal breaker for me...he supports merit pay for teachers. Now if I taught at a school district with different obstacles I may not be as frightened, but that's not the case for me. I like everything else about him, but that may be the defining thing for me. Who knows, maybe his educational advisor will guide him in the right direction. Either way, I always vote...I get excited to vote and participate.

jodifur said...

Yes we can!!!!