Monday, August 4, 2008

Over Worked

So I didn't want to tell you guys because then I would have some accountablility but here it goes this month I set a goal to try and blog everyday. Sounded easy enough in my head but here it is the fourth and I know it is going to be a hard goal to stick too. Work is just a mess we are down 5 people in my unit because it sucks and smart people leave. I am now "helping out" by doing my old job and my new job, neat huh? I went for the new job because the old job was blah but lucky me, I get to do both jobs. I have enough time to just about half ass both positions. So needless to say after long days of being annoyed it is hard to come home and focus on something fun and light hearted to blog about. Changing this to a positive though me complaining about having nothing to blog about did get me one more day closer to my goal!

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Jess said...

You are a hard working girl, hope you guys get more people!