Saturday, August 16, 2008

Small Town Life

I grew up in a city, not a huge one like New York or LA but a pretty good size one. I always kind of looked down on small towns as boring and lame. I joined the military and traveled around a lot and have finally settled down in a small town, I am talking population 37,000. There are things about it that really get on my nerves such as taking 30 mins to get to a grocery store and also the lack of options for shopping. Today though I realized that there are actually alot of things I like. People are so much nicer and speak to you all the time. There is a total sense of community and family. It is small enough that you will pretty much see someone you know when your out. This weekend is the county fair. I am not big on the hanging out with the carnies but I did volunter to work at the ticket booth and it was a good time. Tomorrow I will take the boys and post pictures of our fun times!

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Tasheana said...

I grew up in a small town and now i live in a crowded college town. I miss it like crazy!