Monday, August 25, 2008


I admit I am easily entertained with my Feedjit tracker. I love to see where everyone is coming from and it gives my insecurity just a little hope that there is someone reading my ramblings. The one thing that kind of creeps me out though is the google searches that comes up.

One search was for nasty soccer moms. What a surprise they got when the nasty I was talking about was a litter box. Of course the link below me was about a soccer mom that takes it in two holes, why did Mcperv click on the link about litter boxes, even creepier.

Another kind of saddened me, it was I hate my mom. Of course I am sure I have complained enough on here and said the word hate so up I pop on the search. I mean to really hate your parents is just a sad situation and of course I imagined a whole horrible life for this little girl (how I know she is a tormented little girl is beyond me).

I must say though skinny bitches have more fun because every since I have post my OSB I have gotten a couple of skinny bitches searches come up. I guess more motivation to stick to my plan!!!

As I leave I remind you to please vote for Sarah V here. Remember everytime you vote your entered in a drawing for $1000 shopping spree, who can turn that down??? Thanks again for those who have voted and continue to support us!!


momto2boys said...

How funny...I love to check my tracker too. So much that I probably check my blog more than anyone pitiful is that. I'm gonna check out the skinny bitch blog.

Jess said...

Add me to the list, I love to check mine also.

Amy said...

I too like to look at mine, as I still get very little traffic I am always amazed when someone new shows up -- makes me wonder who they are and why they are visiting me (in a good way) just curious!

Jen said...

I've gotten some doozies on mine. Seriously weird/sick stuff.