Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tantrum Tuesday

Aunt flo came to visit yesterday. I really hate her, my stomach hurts, I'm fat and I am tired so I stole this idea from Kim and instead of a Moody Monday I am having a tantrum Tuesday!

1. Work can kiss my ass. I would love to walk into my supervisors office and bitch slap her. I am feeling moody but unlike you I force a smile on my face and I am very cordial to everyone. Keep your fucking grumpiness to yourself or move your office back down the hall.

2. Kye if you don't go to bed before 11:30 tonight I am going to sell you on Ebay!

3. Daycare provider please tell me Kye isn't taking 4 hour naps during the day resulting in my issues with #2

4. Kastan I promise a diet of toaster strudles and cookies can not be healthy, please start eating like a normal child!

5. Cats please quit shitting, really just stop that function all together. I am sick of the litter box. Between the boys and cats I have dealt with way to much shit. I should only have to deal with it win I am wiping my own ass at this point in my life.

Well I do feel a little better now that I got all that off my chest on to have a wonderful Wednesday!


Jess said...

She's visiting me also, I hate her!!

Tasheana said...

don't we all just love aunt flow!? i am sorry...i forgot what it's like to have a period. i've been pregnant for almost 2 years haha. tomorrow will be a better day!

Megan said...

lol!! I've desided now when my children misbehave I'm going to threaten them by telling them they will be sold on Ebay.