Saturday, August 2, 2008

I Really Hate..........

Grocery shopping. It is just so very nerve racking. First of all the prices are going up up and away. It also seems like we are getting less for those prices also. Something has got to give here people! Once I get past the price issue I am left with my fellow shoppers. Yesterday I was shopping along at an average pace when I had the speeder pass me. It would be fine and dandy if her speeding ass rushed to the check out to leave but no she was just speeding to the next item she needed and then doing an abrupt stop. It was like the grocery store verison of the scene from Meet The Parents, where they were racing from stop light to stop light. From the speeder you have the other extreme of slow pokes. I mean as I mentioned I am distraught over prices so I realize a little extra time might be needed to make a selection but please just move your damn cart out of my way so I can get passed you! Then you have that one person that just stays behind you and practically follows you everywhere. I think these people don't make lists for themselves so they buy what you buy in hopes of solving their grocery problem. It is so annoying, just go around me and get a grocery life of your own, afterall at every stop I am very cafeful to parralel park this cart as to leave enough passing room. I am also the express lane Nazi, I really give the stare down to people that have 21 items in a 20 item express lane even if I am not in it. I just think it is rude to hold up the true express shoppers. It annoys me far more than it should, really it shouldn't be as big of a deal as it is to me. I did manage to survive the trip but I really hate grocery shopping!!!


Mom on the Run said...

I am so glad that I have graduated from the enormous shopping cart with the car attached. My son loved this cart. It did keep him entertained. however, the cart was impossible to unwieldy.

We have a running joke in our family that Costco should have an express lane...100 items or less. We do a lot of shopping in bulk.

Amy said...

I have to agree shopping is AWFUL ... and with five children it can be worse!

Did you ever think about how many times we move our groceries around:

1. remove from shelf,place in cart
2. remove from cart,place on counter
3. put in bag (I try to help bag because by this time we must get out of the store asap!)
4. put bag in cart
5. remove from cart, put in car
6. remove from car and carry inside
7. remove from bag and put away

Any we have not even used it yet!

8. remove from cupboard and cook
9. serve on table
10 . scrape dishes
11. take out garbage

And then we so this over and over and over again ... very annoying!

Lauren said...

So true! You crack me up!