Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Big Boy

I was just watching Kastan play his PSP. I am so amazed that this is my little boy. He is so smart, polite, caring and well mannered. I am very lucky to have such a good kid. He is really into video games and the computer. I get emails from various kids websites saying that your son Kastan has signed up for a membership to their clubs. It cracks me up that he has my email address memorized and knows how to enter the info in order to sign up. He is just a whiz on the keyboard, his little fingers just flies as he plays the games. The other day he asked how are websites made and I told him he would have to read about it. I told him to go to Google and enter "making kids websites", he did and is now working on a website for hisself. When he gets it done I will post the link.


Jess said...

He is sooo cute, what a smart little boy I cn't wait to see his site!!

Kim said...

he's a handsome little dude. his momma must be proud!!